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At Ginger innovations our Drone Services are the most innovative way to capture aerial imagery from the skies. Using 4k cameras and cutting edge editing techniques ensuring we get the best aerial pictures possible. From high rise building drone inspections to broadcast quality drone videography we provide a solution to all your needs.


We can fly up to 400ft high and distances of 1600ft from the operator in the daytime and at night. A full dynamic risk assessment is carried out on each flight to ensure maximum safety. Indoor flights can also be achieved to any agreed brief. Each flight will have its own safety assessment as part of our flight procedures and CAA License, along with full dedicated Drone Insurance and Public Liability.

Drone Photography


Our Drone Photography Service will capture images from a different aspect that you never usually get to see. We aim to capture stunning aerial images of your project, home or event for you to share. With over 10 years experience as a photographer we are always pushing our equipment to the edge to capture that perfect drone picture. Our Drone camera equipment is equivalent to having a full DSLR camera in air with various lenses from a wide angle lens to a full frame 90mm lens, shooting only in RAW we process all of our images to the highest standard to ensure colour correctness and exposure are always on point.


Our Drone can shoot full 360 panorama, made up of over 50 images to produce a super high resolution jpeg file that can be printed to virtually any size you require.  We also capture 360 virtual reality (VR) imagery for the latest VR headsets or you can view VR from your mobile phone.

Whatever it is that you need from our Drone Photography Service just give us a call for a competitive quote.

Drone Video


The UK's top businesses are now utilising Drones to capture Aerial Video Imagery to promote their day to day work. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to capture stunning 4K Video from the skies.


We produce fully edited Videos all across the UK with our state of the art Drone flown in accordance with our Civil Aviation Authority Permission to Fly Commercial License. We will work very closely with you and your business to ensure the brief will capture the essence of your company and showcase this in a fully edited broadcast quality video.


If you have got a project that you think would benefit from an Aerial Video Production then give us a call today.


Have a look below at some of our work to see what we can capture from the sky.


Drone Survey and Inspection


If you require a high level inspection carried out safely with pin sharp results and accuracy then a Drone Inspection is the answer. Buildings in need of inspection will usually require scaffolding or a manned rope inspection, costing your business thousands of pounds.


A Drone inspection will reduce the risk of people working at height the cost of scaffolding or inspection equipment and most of all time. An inspection can be carried out within 10 minutes of us arriving on site. During the inspection a second screen can be made available for you or your staff to view the inspection live so crucial discussions can be made while we are on site.


All imagery will then be processed and made available on your own secure webpage or our dedicated Cloud for you to view on any device any where in the world. An Interactive PDF of the findings can also be produced for you to review and share.


If you have got any questions regards our Drone Inspections or would like to arrange a meeting give us a call today.


Click and drag around any of the images below to see the detail that a Drone Inspection can capture.

Flat Roof Inspection
Listed Building Inspection

Building Site Progress Surveys


We can keep you and your partners up to date with progress on all of your Construction Projects big or small. A regular flight over and around your site will give you a birds eye view of the whole site in 4k video or high resolution imagery.


Each video will be fully edited to broadcast quality for you share with your Clients and future Customers. We can also take a full 360 virtual reality tour of your site that can be viewed on all types of devices from your mobile phone to the latest virtual reality headsets.


Progress videos can then be made in to a final corporate video at the of the project with a fully edited promotional video with a voice over and music to your showcase.


Below is a recent Video we shot. If you would to arrange a meeting to discuss your project call us today to see how we can help.

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